Trends In Paint Colors

Top Trends In Paint Colors for Your Home In 2019

Are you thinking of painting your home? At the same time, do you want your home to look trendy? Well, look no more, because today, I am going to list down the top trends in paint colors for your home in 2019. Lastly, do you live in Vancouver? Because if you do, this article won’t disappoint you.

When you want to hire a Vancouver painting service, you consider the paint color. So, which color should you pick? If you want to stay trendy, then you better keep reading.

What are the trends in paint colors for your home in 2019? Well, here are some colors you should consider:

  • If you like moody, deep, and saturated colors such as hale navy and Kendall charcoal, then you’re in luck because deep and saturated colors are one of the top trends in paint colors. Lastly, I also want to suggest that you should keep these colors in an area where there’s a lot of sunlight.
  • Although deeply saturated colors are a part of the list, 2019 is still very much into earth tones. So, I’m very sure that terracotta is included. For any of you earth-tone lovers, this is for you.
  • I’m quite sure that almost everyone, especially women, loves muted pastel colors. These colors weren’t only popular this year but were also loved in the past years. Pastels not only look good without sunlight. It also looks good even more with sunlight. Pastel colors also provide a certain amount of cuteness to your home, which is probably why it has been so popular all these years.
  • Gray has been popular choice for homeowners in the past years, especially because of the many shades of grey available. Although, this year you should consider greys with hints of blue and purple such as Valspar’s Seattle Haze. But why should you choose these kinds of colors? These colors provide depth and the vibrant colors also provides a soothing feeling, which can calm anybody down.
  • To anyone who loves the color yellow and is also wanting a replacement to gold, mustard is a good choice. These colors also provide a pop from the norm because of it’s bright colors.
  • Deep greens have also been a popular choice to homeowners. These colors have been inspired by nature. Deep greens have also somehow obtained the very calming and healing properties which nature has. So if you love nature and like calming and deep colors, these kind of colors are definitely for you.
  • Corals have been a rising popular house paint color for the past years. These optimistic colors are bright, hopeful, energizing, and uplifting, which is probably why this color has been a popular choice, especially for young girls.

Remember that not every trendy color have been listed down here. So, you have the freedom to browse through the internet and search for the color you like more. It’s your chopice if you want or don’t want to stick with trendy colors mentioned above. It’s your choice.