Home Renovations

Home Renovations that Don’t Add Value to Your Property

For some of us, when we consider having our property renovated, we think beyond the improvement in the aesthetic appeal of our home – we also factor in the value a particular renovation will add to our home.


Contrary to what some homeowners might believe, not just because you spent thousands of dollars on a home renovation, doesn’t mean it will make the value of your property rise. As a matter of fact, there are some types of home renovations that might make buyers NOT want to buy your home at all.


This can be a very important matter if you are planning to sell your property after some time.


So, before you get in touch with your local home renovations company, get to know which types of home renovations won’t add value to your property.


Swimming pools

Swimming pools may sure look like an enticing upgrade, but it could just be an enticing upgrade for just some buyers, not all. Many individuals view swimming pools as a hazard or an unnecessary luxury that calls for a lot of maintenance.


Lavish landscaping

A well-manicured lawn will mostly attract buyers – but learn the difference between a well-kept lawn and a lavish, overly-landscaped yard. While an intricate, grand landscaping might look attractive to you, it may scream ‘difficult to maintain’ to some potential buyers. Sometimes, keeping it simple is still the answer.


An excessive amount of wallpaper

Some buyers intend to make some changes to your current home design as soon as they purchased your property, and since wallpapers can be difficult to remove, they can be a turnoff. If you should use wallpapers for your next renovation, limit using it to just a single or small room.


Extreme customization

Sure, you wanted your home to follow your style – but bear in mind that not everyone has the same taste as yours. Therefore, you should think carefully before adding a permanent ornament that’s particularly eccentric to your home.