Poorly Built Home

Signs of a Poorly Built Home

Apart from having an awful home design, another thing you don’t want for your newly constructed home is poor quality.

In order for you to avoid getting a home which was constructed poorly, of course, you must have a highly dependable home contractor or builder. However, with all these construction companies showing you great portfolios and impressive working records, it’s not always easy to tell the difference of a genuinely trustworthy contractor from mediocre ones.

Therefore, even when your contractor claims to be the best in your local area, it would be a lot safer and wiser if you would exert a bit more effort in making sure that the process of construction is going well. It wouldn’t hurt to keep a close eye on the progress of the construction and pay a visit to your unfinished home regularly.

Ideally, the professional builder should give you a tour around your home before the construction comes to a close. They should be more than ready to answer all your questions and should let you conduct a careful inspection of their work.

Some homeowners opt to hire experts during the inspection to make sure that nothing would go amiss. Naturally, this would mean additional costs. Alternatively, you can do the inspection yourself and spot common signs of a poorly built home. But you can only do this effectively if you know what you should look for:

Tiles that are not laid out perfectly straight or floorboards that are uneven.  This is a telltale sign that your contractor miscalculated how they lay out the tiles, or worse, they were a bit careless in doing so.

Windows that are too difficult to open or slide. It should be easy to open and close new windows if they were installed smoothly.

Stuccos around window frames that have gaps or cracks. These small gaps or cracks can result in your heating bills skyrocketing if left unfixed.