Renovating Your Home After A Flood

Renovating Your Home After A Flood

Natural disasters such as flooding can bring major – sometimes even irreparable – damage to the structure of your home.


But there are times when houses damaged by flooding can still be saved. With the help of a reliable clean up company and an experienced home contractor, you can get back to your feet and make your house feel like a home again.


After you have called your insurance company, and all the water was drained and dried from your property, you need to have a mold-testing company check your home. This way, you will have an idea about the extent of the renovation that needs to be done.


Before you hire a construction company, first, you have to make sure that they are well-experienced in repairing homes that were damaged by flood, keep in mind that not all construction or renovation companies have experience in this area.


Even when you see that some of your walls are still erect and seemingly undamaged, you have to be prepared in case the contractor finds out that some particular walls need to be torn down. Skilled contractors will be able to tell if the walls have suffered interior, unseen damages that can lead to mold infestation in the future. 


It’s very likely that your flooring would need to be replaced, especially if your floors are made from materials vulnerable to water damage such as carpet and wood.

When your home is being renovated after flooding, you might just be focused on making your home a livable space to be in again as soon as possible. Still, take this opportunity to ask the contractor for possible ways to protect your home from flood damage in the future. While there’s no way you can really stop any flood from happening, flood proofing your home can at least minimize the damage your house might sustain during a flood. For all your Renovation and flood restoration needs contact Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations