Welcome to Aspect Vancouver Painters! If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your building, you came to the right place.

Our Painting Services

Aspect Vancouver Painters provides a wide range of painting services that includes interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting, and strata painting.

Interior Painting

Clients have access to our extensive range of interior painting services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Our painting team has all the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to carry out any interior painting job, including:


  • Interior wall painting
  • Ceiling painting
  • Trim painting
  • Cabinet painting
  • Kitchen and bathroom painting
  • Garage and basement painting

In addition to conventional interior painting services, we also offer plaster and drywall repairs, and we can remove popcorn ceiling and drywall.

Exterior Painting

When providing an exterior painting service, our objective is to provide your building with optimal protection and curb appeal. We only recommend and provide high-quality exterior paints that can withstand harsh elements.

Our exterior painting solutions include, but are not limited to:


  • Residential and commercial exterior painting
  • Power washing
  • Staining and finishing of decks and other wooden components

There are several differences between exterior and interior painting projects. Let our team of painters provide you with professional expertise and long-lasting value.

Commercial Painting

The condition of a commercial building is integral to the success of your business. The commercial painting services we provide are aimed at:


  • Ensuring a professional environment
  • Lower your building’s maintenance requirements
  • Improving the functionality of commercial or industrial spaces

Our commercial painting services are available to all businesses and organizations, including:


  • Professional offices
  • Government buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Apartment buildings and homeowners’ associations
  • Retail centres
  • Universities and schools
  • Factories and other industrial facilities

At Aspect Vancouver Painters, we work around your business activities to prevent delays and inconvenience.

Strata Painting

Aspect Vancouver Painters’ strata painting services include several solutions to restore the surface appearance of a building. A strata painting project typically involves things like:


  • Concrete repairs
  • Removal of stains and graffiti
  • Treating walls and other surfaces to prevent further staining
  • Exterior surface coating and waterproofing
  • High-pressure washing
  • Painting and retouching

Our strata painting solutions are long-lasting, restore the curb appeal of your building, and can save a lot of money on general maintenance in the long run.

Our Clients

Our painting services are available throughout Ontario, British Columbia, and Manitoba. We serve a wide range of clients, from commercial property owners and managers to residential owners and tenants.

How Our Services Can Benefit You

Improve Your Building’s Curb Appeal

The primary benefit of our painting services is that they can transform your building’s appearance. Buildings that are showing signs of wear look like they are newly built when we are done with them.

In some cases, a professional paint job from Aspect Vancouver Painters can be just as effective to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal as an expensive renovation project.

Protect Surfaces

Your walls and other interior and exterior surfaces are susceptible to damage. A high-quality paint protects your exterior walls from harsh elements, temperature fluctuations, fire, dirt, mould, and animal waste. Using our exterior paint service will also prevent moisture from seeping into your walls.

A professional interior paint project protects your walls from furniture scuffs, water damage, dust, dirt, and mould growth. Our painting services are specially formulated to provide your building’s structural components with long-lasting protection.

Increase Your Property Value

Unlike other remodelling projects that only offer a partial return on investment, our professional painting services can result in returns of more than 100%. If you are planning on selling your home, our painting service is the first thing you should consider to maximize your selling price.

Complement Design Features

Do you have fixtures or furniture that you want to incorporate into your building’s interior space visually? Aspect Vancouver Painters can provide you with a colour consultation to help you find tones and textures that complement your design features.

Enhance Functionality

Some surfaces have to be functional, especially in commercial and industrial settings. Businesses use walls for shelving, branding, or projector screens. In industrial spaces, walls are fitted with equipment, information boards, and safety gear.

Aspect Vancouver Painters will provide you with custom painting solutions to enhance the functionality of your building’s surfaces.

Why Choose Aspect Vancouver Painters?

There are many painting service providers to choose from, so why should you go with Aspect Vancouver Painters?

In addition to providing you with quality, long-lasting painting solutions, we also go the extra mile to achieve complete customer satisfaction. When you use our services, you can expect the following:


  • Free estimates within hours after receiving your request
  • Colour consultations that include sample testing
  • Proper preparations to ensure perfect results
  • Painters that are bonded, insured, pre-screened, and skilled
  • Minimal disruption to your business or household activities
  • Completion within the agreed time frame

If there is one thing you don’t need during a renovation project, it is unpleasant surprises. We always stay within budget and will never increase our prices in the middle of a project.

Aspect Vancouver Painters have been in the home improvement business since 1989. We are affiliated with reputable suppliers, interior designers, and architects, and we can take care of all your painting needs.

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