Commercial/Strata Painting


As a commercial property owner or manager, you want your building to be in the best possible condition. The curb appeal of a commercial building plays an integral part in maintaining an organization’s image in the eyes of its stakeholders. A commercial building with high aesthetic value is also more likely to attract clients and high-profile employees.

Old, cracked, and peeling paint can have a detrimental effect on a commercial building’s appearance. Aspect Vancouver Painters provides business clients with high-end commercial and strata painting services. If you want to enhance the appearance of your commercial building, our services offer the ideal solution.

Commercial Painting

Aspect Vancouver Painters provides a wide range of commercial painting solutions that include interior and exterior painting. We also offer a wide range of additional services that include power washing and the removal of old paint.

We use the latest products and painting techniques. The result is quick turnaround times, lower costs, and paints with minimal odours that dry quickly.

Who We Help

Our commercial painting services are available to all commercial property owners and managers in Ontario, British Columbia, and Manitoba. We provide painting services for every type of commercial building, including:


  • Offices for professional service providers like attorneys, architects, and accountants
  • Medical facilities like hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, and dental practices
  • Retail centres and shopping malls
  • Apartment buildings and homeowners’ associations
  • Institutions of learning, for example, schools and universities
  • Governmental buildings
  • Industrial buildings like factories

We can take care of any commercial painting project, regardless of size and scope. Our painters have all the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to work in any industrial setting, and they will produce the results you expect from a professional team.

Benefits of a Professional Painting Job

Many building managers choose to approach commercial painting as DIY projects, but there are several benefits to use the services of a reputable company like Aspect Vancouver Painting:


  • No need to allocate your business’s time and human resources
  • Eliminate the risk of going over budget or time
  • The painting project is carried out correctly the first time
  • Painting techniques and products ensure optimal visual appeal and longevity

Aspect Vancouver Painters’ services are aimed at increasing the resale value of your property. Our objective is also to ensure that your interior and exterior walls are sufficiently protected against abrasion and general wear.

Commercial Painting Expertise

A large painting project can be costly and disruptive to your daily business operations. By hiring a professional and experienced company like Aspect Vancouver Painters, you eliminate the risk of delays and unexpected costs.

In addition to providing you with a high-end painting service, we go to great lengths to meet all your requirements. Before starting work, we will give you a free estimate and consultation to listen to your needs and provide you with all the information you require.

Strata Painting

Some businesses require more than commercial painting to maintain the appearance of their buildings. Aspect Vancouver Painters provides these businesses with high-quality strata painting solutions.

This service involves scheduled maintenance and routine cleaning and consists of a wide range of jobs, including concrete repairs, the removal of stains and graffiti, high-pressure washing, waterproofing, and preservation. Strata painting also includes touch-ups and treatments to prevent staining.

The Benefits of Strata Painting

Unlike general painting services, strata painting includes deep cleaning and a wide range of routine services to maintain the curb appeal of your property. When considering the costs of a strata painting service, one has to keep the benefits it has to offer in mind as well.

Long-Term Results

Every property is susceptible to deterioration as the result of harsh weather, dirt, moisture damage, and the sun’s UV rays. Over time, these damages can affect the resale value of your building, and restoration can be costly and time intensive.

The deep cleansing and restorative nature of strata painting counteract and protect the building against the damage caused by harsh elements. The result is long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

Includes Your Entire Building

Aspect Vancouver Painters’ strata painting service covers every square inch of a building, from its highest point to the ground. Our team has all the necessary equipment to carry out a strata painting project to completion, and there are no segments that are left unfinished.

Saving Money and Time

A strata painting project involves initial costs, but it can save an organization a lot of time and money over the long run. The objective of Aspect Vancouver Painting’s strata painting solutions is to undo general wear, which largely eliminates the need for routine and costly maintenance efforts.

Our Strata Painting Service

Aspect Vancouver Painting provides a comprehensive strata painting service that includes:


  • Extensive consultation with the executive committee to determine the organization’s needs and to provide them with the information they need
  • Formulating a custom strata painting schedule
  • Providing a complete strata painting service to maintain the building’s appearance and condition
  • Direct communication with tenants and residents in the building
  • Taking steps to minimize disruption to business operations
  • Thorough preparations that include covering plants and landscaping features
  • A site clean-up at the end of each day

Choose Aspect Vancouver Painters for Commercial and Strata Painting

There are many strata and commercial painters to choose from in Ontario, British Columbia, and Manitoba, so why should you select us?

At Aspect Vancouver Painters, we have skilled, experienced, and fully insured painters, who will work at any height. They will also prioritize thorough preparation and attention to detail to achieve the best possible results.

In addition to providing fixed-price estimates and managing the entire painting process, Aspect Vancouver Painters’ team will always complete projects on time and to your budget.

Contact Us Today

To schedule an initial consultation and discuss your needs, please complete our short online contact form. You can also give us a call or visit us at our offices. After receiving your request for a commercial or strata painting project, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

Exterior Painting

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, and its protection and curb appeal are high on your list of priorities.

One of the most effective ways to care for the exterior surfaces of your property is with a professional paint service. At Aspect Vancouver Painters, we go the extra mile to provide clients in British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba with exceptional value and unparalleled customer service.

Benefits of a High-Quality Exterior Paint Service

Many people choose to paint their exterior walls themselves to save money. However, if you don’t have experience with painting projects, exterior painting as a DIY project will result in more costs down the line. Painting your house on your own can also take a lot of valuable time.

If you use the exterior painting services of Aspect Vancouver Painters, you can expect several benefits.

Save Money and Time

When carrying out a painting service, we only use high-quality, long-lasting products that are specially formulated for outdoor use. These products lower your walls’ maintenance requirements and, since these painting coats have long lifespans, you won’t have to repaint your house for several years.

Aesthetic Appeal

A professional exterior paint service can make a significant difference in the appearance of a building. This service typically includes a thorough wall cleaning. The paint covers imperfections and worn-out coats. At Aspect Vancouver Painters, we also provide clients with a colour consultation to help them choose a tone for optimal visual appeal.

Protection Against the Elements

There are several differences between exterior and interior painting. Exterior paints have to be able to withstand many abrasions, including winds, rapid changes in temperature, dirt, and moisture. The paint also has to be applied in a specific manner to ensure long-term results.

A proper paint job will ensure that your exterior walls are easy to clean, which means optimal curb appeal with minimal effort on your part.

Increased Home Value

Because a professional exterior paint job enhances your home’s curb appeal and protection, it can increase the resale value of your home significantly. Neutral tones are especially useful in presenting your home in a favourable light.

If you are planning on selling your home, Aspect Vancouver Painters’ exterior paint service is the ideal solution to maximize your return on the sale.

Budget-Friendly Exterior Painting Service for Long-Lasting Results

Aspect Vancouver Painters’ objective is to provide clients with a high-quality service that fits their budget, and that delivers long-term results. We can carry out an exterior painting project of any size while accommodating the clients’ requirements.

All projects include thorough preparation work that involves wall detailing and cleaning, and we make sure that all your belongings and outdoor features are entirely protected from paints and other liquids.

Our team of skilled and experienced painters completes projects with minimal disruption to clients’ day-to-day activities.

Contact Aspect Vancouver Painters Today

To receive a professional exterior paint service, contact us by completing and submitting our online form. You can also give us a call or visit our offices in British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba. After discussing your needs, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Interior Painting

Are you planning on painting your interior walls? A paint job can have incredible transformative power, especially if it is done by a professional.

Aspect Vancouver Painters provides property owners in British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba with high-quality interior painting services that include ceiling and cabinet painting. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of interior painting and how we can help.

Why Should You Paint Your Interior Walls?

Transform Your Home’s Appearance Without Breaking the Bank

You don’t need an expensive remodelling project to change the way your home looks and feels. With an affordable paint job, you can make a dramatic change to your interior space. The right tones can make a small space seem big or give your rooms a warm and welcoming appearance.

Address Signs of Aging and Wear

Over time, any wall will start showing signs of wear, which can give the most carefully designed homes a run-down appearance. With a simple interior paint project, you can cover all the ugly stains, marks, and dents, and restore the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Buyer Interest

If you ask a respected appraiser or a real estate agent about things you can do to increase the resale value of your property, most of them will tell you to invest in a paint job.

A new coat of paint will give the impression of a sturdy structure, cleanliness, and low home improvement requirements. Cool and neutral colours are generally popular among buyers, as they are versatile and compatible with most interior design styles.

Protect Your Walls

Paint plays an essential role in protecting your walls from abrasion, insects, and furniture scuffs. High-quality paints will also prevent moisture damage and the growth of mould and mildew. At Aspect Vancouver Painters, we recommend and provide interior paints that are easy to clean and maintain.

Clean Your Walls

When cleaning your home, you are likely spending a lot of time sweeping and washing your floors. In most homes and businesses, walls don’t get the same attention as flooring, and they accumulate a lot of dirt over time. An interior paint project is an ideal opportunity to give your walls a proper cleaning and to get rid of dust particles and other harmful pollutants.

Choose Aspect Vancouver Painters

By choosing a professional, you don’t have to face the challenges that are typically associated with a DIY project. When you select Aspect Vancouver Painters, you choose a company that delivers quality while saving you time and money.

Additionally, we provide colour and project consultations and free, no-obligation estimates. When working on interior painting projects, we go the extra mile to protect your belongings and to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day life. We also prepare your walls thoroughly to provide the best possible results.

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To schedule a consultation and receive a free estimate, complete our online contact form, visit any of our offices, or give us a call. After assessing your needs, we will provide you with an estimate.

Trends In Paint Colors

Top Trends In Paint Colors for Your Home In 2019

Are you thinking of painting your home? At the same time, do you want your home to look trendy? Well, look no more, because today, I am going to list down the top trends in paint colors for your home in 2019. Lastly, do you live in Vancouver? Because if you do, this article won’t disappoint you.

When you want to hire a Vancouver painting service, you consider the paint color. So, which color should you pick? If you want to stay trendy, then you better keep reading.

What are the trends in paint colors for your home in 2019? Well, here are some colors you should consider:

  • If you like moody, deep, and saturated colors such as hale navy and Kendall charcoal, then you’re in luck because deep and saturated colors are one of the top trends in paint colors. Lastly, I also want to suggest that you should keep these colors in an area where there’s a lot of sunlight.
  • Although deeply saturated colors are a part of the list, 2019 is still very much into earth tones. So, I’m very sure that terracotta is included. For any of you earth-tone lovers, this is for you.
  • I’m quite sure that almost everyone, especially women, loves muted pastel colors. These colors weren’t only popular this year but were also loved in the past years. Pastels not only look good without sunlight. It also looks good even more with sunlight. Pastel colors also provide a certain amount of cuteness to your home, which is probably why it has been so popular all these years.
  • Gray has been popular choice for homeowners in the past years, especially because of the many shades of grey available. Although, this year you should consider greys with hints of blue and purple such as Valspar’s Seattle Haze. But why should you choose these kinds of colors? These colors provide depth and the vibrant colors also provides a soothing feeling, which can calm anybody down.
  • To anyone who loves the color yellow and is also wanting a replacement to gold, mustard is a good choice. These colors also provide a pop from the norm because of it’s bright colors.
  • Deep greens have also been a popular choice to homeowners. These colors have been inspired by nature. Deep greens have also somehow obtained the very calming and healing properties which nature has. So if you love nature and like calming and deep colors, these kind of colors are definitely for you.
  • Corals have been a rising popular house paint color for the past years. These optimistic colors are bright, hopeful, energizing, and uplifting, which is probably why this color has been a popular choice, especially for young girls.

Remember that not every trendy color have been listed down here. So, you have the freedom to browse through the internet and search for the color you like more. It’s your chopice if you want or don’t want to stick with trendy colors mentioned above. It’s your choice.

Great Paint Colors

10 Great Paint Colors for Your Vancouver Home

Are you having a hard time choosing a great paint colors for your home? Well if you are, we will show some of the great paint colors that you will surely like. Let’s go!

The Caviar Black

Do you know what caviar is? It is black and the cusp of charcoal. If you are planning to choose this particular color, you should consider decorating it with some dark grays and things that are too starkly. The furniture should also be in a deeper shade than the color paint.

The Statement Turquoise

The vibrant color turquoise is not that meek in any way, and it can also be eye-catching. You can try placing an accent wall in your bedroom or filling your entire room with this bold and outstanding shade. If you’re the person who loves blue, this one is for you!

The Sunshine

This goldenrod color can make a room look cheerful and cozy! The warm and rich shades of yellow can make the environment feel organic and simply all-natural, yellow can be paired best with some cream and beautiful blue accents. Golden Ochre is one of Valspar’s color of the year.

The Sophisticated Blush

The color Penelope is the shade of misty rose, and this creates a neutral home style. The color that is bare there is combined with some simple chich ecru and some classic pink.

The Earth Tones

This has the shade of shadowy umber. A beautiful lavish earth tone can make the atmosphere sophisticated and all-natural. If you love and enjoy nature this is best for you! To make the room more relaxing, you can display some faded red and some green accents.

The Vibrant And Deep Red

Benjamin Moore, a famous company, picked the bright Caliente as the company’s color of the year. This fierce shade of red is meant to stand out. An accent wall can also make the room look energized and organized.

The Purple Shades

The rich shades of purple can add energy and can make any room look a lot bigger. Whether you would want to be adventurous and be committed to an all-purple room or experiment a little with your accessories at home, this beautiful color can fit anything!

The Minimal Pastel

The soft, light pastels like sandy pink and mint green will recreate that modern but simple design in the next coming years, according to the famous person Sherwin Williams.

Soft and washed neutral colors like green and pink sanctuary can create harmony in a room.

The Pink Power

Do you know what is official? The pretty color pink has been losing its gendered connotations. This can create many different emotions that every person can relate to, from happiness to lust, it makes a perfect mood enhancer.

The Colorful Yellow and Greens

It is not worth the risk of filling your room with different vibrant colors. It’s okay to show some creativeness, Eiseman once said, “People need to stop and smile.“ If people don’t like it, they are not worth your time.


Poorly Built Home

Signs of a Poorly Built Home

Apart from having an awful home design, another thing you don’t want for your newly constructed home is poor quality.

In order for you to avoid getting a home which was constructed poorly, of course, you must have a highly dependable home contractor or builder. However, with all these construction companies showing you great portfolios and impressive working records, it’s not always easy to tell the difference of a genuinely trustworthy contractor from mediocre ones.

Therefore, even when your contractor claims to be the best in your local area, it would be a lot safer and wiser if you would exert a bit more effort in making sure that the process of construction is going well. It wouldn’t hurt to keep a close eye on the progress of the construction and pay a visit to your unfinished home regularly.

Ideally, the professional builder should give you a tour around your home before the construction comes to a close. They should be more than ready to answer all your questions and should let you conduct a careful inspection of their work.

Some homeowners opt to hire experts during the inspection to make sure that nothing would go amiss. Naturally, this would mean additional costs. Alternatively, you can do the inspection yourself and spot common signs of a poorly built home. But you can only do this effectively if you know what you should look for:

Tiles that are not laid out perfectly straight or floorboards that are uneven.  This is a telltale sign that your contractor miscalculated how they lay out the tiles, or worse, they were a bit careless in doing so.

Windows that are too difficult to open or slide. It should be easy to open and close new windows if they were installed smoothly.

Stuccos around window frames that have gaps or cracks. These small gaps or cracks can result in your heating bills skyrocketing if left unfixed.

Renovating Your Home After A Flood

Renovating Your Home After A Flood

Natural disasters such as flooding can bring major – sometimes even irreparable – damage to the structure of your home.


But there are times when houses damaged by flooding can still be saved. With the help of a reliable clean up company and an experienced home contractor, you can get back to your feet and make your house feel like a home again.


After you have called your insurance company, and all the water was drained and dried from your property, you need to have a mold-testing company check your home. This way, you will have an idea about the extent of the renovation that needs to be done.


Before you hire a construction company, first, you have to make sure that they are well-experienced in repairing homes that were damaged by flood, keep in mind that not all construction or renovation companies have experience in this area.


Even when you see that some of your walls are still erect and seemingly undamaged, you have to be prepared in case the contractor finds out that some particular walls need to be torn down. Skilled contractors will be able to tell if the walls have suffered interior, unseen damages that can lead to mold infestation in the future. 


It’s very likely that your flooring would need to be replaced, especially if your floors are made from materials vulnerable to water damage such as carpet and wood.

When your home is being renovated after flooding, you might just be focused on making your home a livable space to be in again as soon as possible. Still, take this opportunity to ask the contractor for possible ways to protect your home from flood damage in the future. While there’s no way you can really stop any flood from happening, flood proofing your home can at least minimize the damage your house might sustain during a flood. For all your Renovation and flood restoration needs contact Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations

Home Renovations

Home Renovations that Don’t Add Value to Your Property

For some of us, when we consider having our property renovated, we think beyond the improvement in the aesthetic appeal of our home – we also factor in the value a particular renovation will add to our home.


Contrary to what some homeowners might believe, not just because you spent thousands of dollars on a home renovation, doesn’t mean it will make the value of your property rise. As a matter of fact, there are some types of home renovations that might make buyers NOT want to buy your home at all.


This can be a very important matter if you are planning to sell your property after some time.


So, before you get in touch with your local home renovations company, get to know which types of home renovations won’t add value to your property.


Swimming pools

Swimming pools may sure look like an enticing upgrade, but it could just be an enticing upgrade for just some buyers, not all. Many individuals view swimming pools as a hazard or an unnecessary luxury that calls for a lot of maintenance.


Lavish landscaping

A well-manicured lawn will mostly attract buyers – but learn the difference between a well-kept lawn and a lavish, overly-landscaped yard. While an intricate, grand landscaping might look attractive to you, it may scream ‘difficult to maintain’ to some potential buyers. Sometimes, keeping it simple is still the answer.


An excessive amount of wallpaper

Some buyers intend to make some changes to your current home design as soon as they purchased your property, and since wallpapers can be difficult to remove, they can be a turnoff. If you should use wallpapers for your next renovation, limit using it to just a single or small room.


Extreme customization

Sure, you wanted your home to follow your style – but bear in mind that not everyone has the same taste as yours. Therefore, you should think carefully before adding a permanent ornament that’s particularly eccentric to your home.

Best Time of the Year for House Remodeling

Just like getting married or starting a family, finding the perfect timing to begin a house remodeling project for your home will have its benefits. A home renovation perfectly timed can help ensure that you get the best service from contractors and that the work that you want to be done can be completed much faster.

House Remodeling

However, there are certain parts of a house that is best renovated during winter and other portions that would be better refurbished during summer. You can always opt to have your home renovated one room at a time.


Naturally, if you do that and you distribute the renovation work that needs to be done throughout the year, the renovation of your entire home would take an entire year to be completed. However, this could also mean that you get better service and more affordable rates.


For instance, if you book renovation companies during their peak season, you can always expect that your home project won’t get the 100% of attention it requires – this is because the workload of your contractors is heavy and they have many other projects to work on


On the other hand, if you choose to have renovations done during the off-peak season, such as wintry months, you can look forward to contractors who have lots of spare time to be meticulous and intricate with the work you want to be done.


The best time of year to build something in your home will greatly depend on what type of renovation you need. The ideal time for renovation of your fireplace or furnace, perhaps, would be during the summer – when people hardly lay their eyes on their fireplaces.


Towards the end of winter is the best time to have the interior part of your home re-painted. This is because the perfect air temperature can help you dry your paint much faster.


Knowing the perfect season to conduct specific renovation projects can help you save money and even possibly get the best possible service from contractors.